River Band Information Page

About the Band

The River Music Ministry is led by Pastor Paul McPeek. Team membership includes attending practices, keeping your area clean (especially in camera view), and leading a life of prayer and seeking God.

Dennis Piper functions as the band leader. If you have chord sheet questions or need information on a song, see Dennis.

There are several worship leaders, depending on the service. Lisa Piper functions as a stage manager. If Pastor Paul assigns you as a worship leader for a particular service, coordinate your song choices and any musicians/vocalists you will need with Lisa. The song lists will be submitted to Paul for approval.

Developing Styles of Playing your instrument!

It is important as a band to be able to do diverse styles. The tutorials videos below will help you play worship in the following styles: R&B worship, country, celctic, rock, raggae, and tradional style. 

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